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Sweet Micah,


You and your precious children cross my mind and sweep across my heart often.  God is so in love with you all and I can feel His affection for you... agreeing with all that He is up to in providing for you in every way... the nurture and protection you need, the peace and comfort... Jesus.  We trust you to come for your beloveds.  Zeph. 3:17 - He rejoices over you...with "joy" he sings and dances over you.  In Hebrew the word joy is "guwl", which means to jump up and down and spin with wild emotion.  I can feel His fierce, passionate love over you and for you.


To say the least we are grateful for all that you have done for us.  Little kitty has ushered in SO much joy and delight for our family.  He is tremendous.  Here is my testimonial:


"My husband and I grew up with cats and had a cat at two different times after we married. I had to have years of multiple allergy shots a week to curb the effects of my intense allergies to animals, and still moderately suffered the effects of cat dander, feeling like I had a cold around them, and worse if I touched them or got near them with my face. Additionally, the cats we grew up with peed everywhere, attacked and shredded hands, ankles, furniture. The two we shared also peed around the house and were not at all good with kids, so could not stay in our home. We also discovered that one of our sons was quite allergic. We gave them away to families without kids and they did much better. To say the least, we vowed never to bother with cats again!


Our now 10 year old's heart was broken twice, and he has cried many tears longing for a cat that would be a fit for our family. He has twin brothers who snuggle and chat together before bed, and "you and daddy get to cuddle and have someone to love on at night, but I don't...". Sob Sob. So we offered options, a guinea pig? A dog? He wouldn't have it.


Hoping that the third and final attempt would be a charm, we gave owning a cat one last shot. This time we had to do it right and consider every angle. We researched hypo-allergenic cats and Sunshine Siberians came up right away in our search. The website was alluring, easy to navigate and the pictures of the kittens melted our hearts. Upon contacting Micah, I realized that she was the kind, considerate, responsible, and trustworthy person we needed to help us navigate our cat adventure. She answered dozens of questions patiently and thoroughly, and made herself available in every way. She helped us discern which cat would be perfect for us considering who were were as a family and all of our particular needs.


Once our hearts decided on a particular kitten, I couldn't believe how smooth and accommodating Micah was in getting the kitten into our hands. The transition process was seamless. We received a very healthy cat (an older, 5 month old kitten) who is completely littler box trained, hasn't sprayed to mark his territory, wonderful with kids, hasn't bothered our allergies A BIT, and has ushered in so much joy and delight - we are convinced he is the best cat that has ever existed! He is affectionate and snuggles my 10 year old every night. "Mom, he is a dream come true!". He is playful and loves having three active boys running around the house and even joins them in nerf gun battles. He is a trooper in the car, unfazed by anything. We couldn't be more thrilled. Thank you, Micah, for everything! We are so grateful.



DAY FAMILY, Colorado 

September, 2013

Hi Micah!  


It has been about 3 months now since my precious baby Dinah has arrived at her new home in NC.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE her more than anything :) 


Dinah is the most adorable love bug and the best kitty I could have ever asked for. She is so very good and lets me clip her nails and bathe her (not without some protest..) but she is still better than any dog I have ever had with baths!  She is continuing to grow and amazes me all the time with her jumping skills. She loves cuddling with me and pretty much anyone else. She is definitely a friendly cat! She has sort of learned a new trick within the last couple of weeks of giving kisses and if I lean towards her face with puckered lips and make kiss noises, she will come in and touch my lips with her nose. It is adorable :)  

I attached a few pictures of her for you to look at and admire ;) I take entirely too many and the hardest part of my day has definitely been picking which ones to send. 


Thank you so much for letting me be a mommy to one of your kittens.  I could not be more grateful or more in love if I tried! ​She makes my heart so full! 


I realized I never met you in person, so there is a picture of me and my baby included this time!



Thank you,

Lesley Zulch

Micah, We named him Loki and he is wonderful!  He was not scared at all. He went right up to me and was purring and climbed on my lap. He ate and drank water and played with his toys and played with the girls. He has a wonderful personality. He is a perfect fit! He is very active and happy :)  Here is our recommendation.


"I bought our kitten from Micah from Sunshine Siberians. Micah was wonderful to deal with and very professional.  We bought a male kitten and he is beautiful and playful and has a wonderful loving fun personality. The minute we got home with him he was purring and playing. We bought a Siberian because our family members have allergies towards cat dander. I lived a few hours away and Micah was so kind she even drove and met me half way so I didn't have to drive all that distance to get the kitten.  We actually were on a waiting list for more than 6 months with another cat breeder in the pacific northwest who in the end never followed through and refused to give us the male kitten and color we put a deposit on.  We had a similar issue with another breeder out of state before that. We were about to give up hope of ever getting a Siberian kitten until I contacted Sunshine Siberians.  We got the exact kitten we picked out. I highly recommend purchasing your kitten from Sunshine Siberians. She is honest and follows through! Our kitten is a perfect fit for our family. We are very happy! If we decide to buy another kitten in the future we will definitely buy one from Sunshine Siberians again.


The Woodall Family - Texas

August 2014

Hi Micah,

So I believe she was destined to be our cat...she is so loving, energetic and affectionate.  As I type this she is purring and nestled under my neck.  Brandon is wonderful with her even when she pounced at him and scratched his face pretty good. Non cat lovers can't help but be enchanted by her.  We LOVE her so much.

We did take her to her new Vet this morning.  Her weight is good, just over 2lbs.  Everyone that has met her says what a gorgeous cat she is.

Jason comes back from his trip tonight and can't wait for him to see our little love bug.
Hope you are having a good weekend and will send some more pictures soon.


August 2014

If you are looking for the Whole Foods/Central Market/Natural Grocer of the Siberian Forest Cat Breeders look not further.  


I started my search and was looking all over the USA...little did I know the most educated Breeder was just 3 hours away.  I would buy another cat from Micah TOMORROW and pay TWICE what she charged.  I know her cats are not cheap...but you get what you pay for...and this little guy is AMAZING! 


Also, if you are wondering if it's "really true" that they are hypoallergenic...YES, ALL TRUE!  My brother who is severely allergic doesn't even know he's in the house...unless they are curled up together on the couch...simply amazing!



John Paul Porter

Austin, TX 


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